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Master Thesis

Vietnam: “Improving urban planning to build resilience in the face of climate change The Case of Hai Phong City, Vietnam”

Argentina: “Back to the roots: An assessment of the local knowledge of native edible plants and their potential to promote sustainable farming practices in the humid Chaco, Argentina”

Argentina: “Assessment of landscape connectivity, identification of crucial landscape features and the potential of silvopastoral systems in decreasing fragmentation effects between the National Park Chaco and Provincial Park Pampa del Indio, Argentina”

Brazil: “Economic Viability and Sustainability of Potential Residual Biomass Recovery Routes in the Sugarcane Industry of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil”

Kosovo: “Conceptualising Sustainable Regional Development: An analysis of development paradigms in the Republic of Kosovo”

Thailand: “Ensuring Beneficial and Sustainable Operations of Mountain Biking Tours in National Park Areas – A Study of the Ecological, Economical and Social Impacts of Mountain Bike Tour Operations in Chiang Mai, Thailand”

Nepal: “The role of off-farm business options in contributing to resilience of rural areas in proximity to a mega city – The case of the Ayeyarwady Delta in Myanmar”

Nepal: “Farmers Perceptions of Climate Change and Adaptation Practices: A Case Study of Kavrepalanchok district, Nepal”

Vietnam: “Green Infrastructure for Urban Stormwater Management: Stakeholder Perceptions of Opportunities and Obstacles in Hanoi, Vietnam”

Egypt: “The State of the Eastern Nile Cooperation among Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia: Identifying converging interests”

Germany: “Exploring the enabling conditions and challenges for neo-farmers in the process of back-to-the-land migration and regenerative agriculture project initiation”

Germany: “Nitrous oxide emissions from Wastewater Treatment Plants – Case Study Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant, Cologne, Germany”

Morocco: “The dynamics of empowerment in the history of women argan oil cooperatives in Souss Massa, Morocco”

Morocco: “The Role of Pollination Through Bees for the Cultivation and Use of the Argan Tree in the Social-Ecological System of the Souss-Massa Region, Morocco”

Brazil: “Vulnerability to Soil Erosion in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil”

Ecuador: “Enhancing Resilience of Peasant Farmers to Climate Related Risks in Pedro Carbo, Ecuador”

Germany: “Regenerative grazing systems and the integration of pastured poultry”

Chile: “Challenges of Local Policy Adaptation under the Global Agendas – Case Study on the National Emergency Office (ONEMI) and its role in Disaster Risk Reduction in Chile“

Kenya: “Improving Human-Wildlife Co-Existence Landscape Level Strategies to Enhance Wildlife Movement in Amboseli-Tsavo Ecosystem, Kenya”

Germany: “Die deutsche Wildbretbranche Eine Markt- und Wertkettenanalyse, illustriert am Beispiel Eifel”

Bolivia: “The Impact of Microcredits on Rural Poverty in the Altiplano of Bolivia”

Bolivia: “Insights into the potato value chain of Bolivia – Market potentials for integrating native varieties in the context of Food Security”

Brazil: “Assessment of Land Degradation using UAV Photogrammetry in Grazing Areas of Itaocara, RJ, Brazil”

Cameroon: “Urban Flood Mitigation Through Communities Empowerment and Local Capacities Optimization: A Case Study of Mambanda Neighbourhood in Douala”

Jordan: “Impact of major infrastructure pro-jects in the Gulf of Aqaba: The uncer-tain future of coral reefs and seagrass meadows”

Bolivia: “The institutional framework of community seed banks and their contribution to food security in Bolivia”

Germany: “Online-to-offline platforms in a circular economy: challenges and requirements of enhancing digital exchange markets for secondary plastics”

Lebanon: “Role of Urban Agriculture to Increase Food Security and Economic Resilience of Refugees and Vulnerable Host Communities The case of Syrian refugees in Bourj Hammoud, Lebanon”

Indonesia: “Communication Strategy for the “Proklima” Project in Barudua Village, Indonesia”

Ecuador: “Comparative study of renewable energy policies between Ecuador and Germany. Shifting from FITs to Auctions”

Germany: “Environmental, Social and Economic Impact of Forest Certification”

Indonesia: “Translating National Commitment into Local Action: The Role of Multi-Level Governance in the Sustainable Development of Yogyakarta City”

Brazil: “The Potential of Optimizing Connectivity Conservation using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle – A Case Study in Itaocara, Brazil”

Uganda: “An Investigation of Biomass Management Potentials within the Nexus between Energy and Food Production (NEF) for Climate Resilience of Rural Subsistence Farming Households in West Nile Region, Uganda”

Brazil: “Perception of Climate Change and Soil Ecosystem-Based Adaptation Practices in the Northwest Region of Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil”

Germany: “A New Value Chain Management for Beach-Cast Wrack from the Baltic Sea for Activated Carbon Production”

Colombia: “Drought impacts on energy security in Colombia A Water-Energy Nexus Assessment”

Argentina: “The Role of Wetlands in Ecosystem Services Trade-Offs in La Picasa Basin, Argentina”

Ghana: “Illegal Gold Mining and Water Quality – A Case Study of River Offin in the Central Region of Ghana”

Germany: “Temporary use of office property for food production: Feasibility study of vertical farming installations in Frankfurt am Main, Germany”

Vietnam: “Assessment of Emerging Water Conflicts among Local Farmers: The Coastal Zone of the Mekong Delta, Vietnam”

Germany: “Designing a knowledge database for water optimization in adhesives manufacturing industry”

Tanzania: “The Impact of Supply Chain Management in the Horticulture Sector on Small Farm Holders’ Welfare in African Countries – Case Study Nprthern Tanzania”

Liberia: “Assessing Household Solid Waste Management structure in Monrovia. Case Study: J.F.K. and Fish Town- West Point Communities”

Brazil: “Applicability of a German Hydromorphological Assessment Method to Tropical Rivers – A Case Study in the Serrana and Fluminense Regions of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil”

Kenya: “Assessment of farming community participation in soil conservation measures in Thiba catchment, Upper Tana Basin in Kenya”

Brazil: “Assessment of Pasture Degradation Indicators through a Participatory Monitoring Approach in Itaocara, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil”

Indonesia: “Evaluating the Hospital Safety in Face of Hazardous Events – The Case of Yogyakarta Province, Indonesia”

India: “Status and Potential of Urban Rooftop Farming for Food Security, Disaster Prevention and Climate Change Adaptation: The Case of Chennai, India”

Germany: “Indicators for Life Cycle Material Flows: Their Applicability for the Construction Sector of Global South Cities”

Sierra Leone: “The impact of large scale land acquisition (land grabbing) on local food security: case of Malen Chiefdom, Pujehun District, Sierra Leone”

Peru: “Mountain communities perception of Climate Change Adaptation, Disaster Risk Reduction and Ecosystem-Based Solutions in the Chicon Watershed, Peru”

Ghana: “Analysing the Sources of Wood Supply to Sustain Domestic Wood Demand: A Case Study of Selected Wood Markets in Kumasi-Ghana”

Germany: “Receycling and Disposal of Wind Turbine Generators”

Peru: “Livelihood and environmental changes assessment in the Peruvian Andes at community level, San Isidro Chican, Peru”

Uganda: “Examining climate change in Mubuku River basin in Uganda”

Indonesia: “Modeling Land Use/Land Cover Scenarios. Biodiversity and Ecosyste, Services in Changing Landscape”

Germany: “Evaluating the Adaptation Potential of Urban Gardens for Climate Resilient Cities – The Case of Cologne, Germany”

Ecuador: “Large-Scale Mining and Buen Vivir: A Sustainable Livelihoods Approach to Assessing the Impacts of the Mining Project Mirador on Rural Communities in El Pangui, Southeastern Ecuador”

Brazil: “Assessing Structural Diversity of Riparian Forests in Anthropogenic Landscapes of the Upper Xingu Watershed Using UAV and T-LiDAR”

Germany: “Sustainable Consumerism in Disadvantaged Social Milieus – Assessment of the interdependencies between societal structures and individual sociopsychological processes”

India: “Determinants of adoption and use of a household water treatment technology: The case of the biosand filter in a rural setting of India”

Germany: “Impact of Public-Sector Forest Management to Promote Dual-Certification Schemes for Sustainable Timber Production – An Analysis of Naturland-FSC Forestry Certification”

Brazil: “Analysis of Legal and Environmental Preconditions for Rehabilitation Measures in Itaocara”

Laos: “Incentives for biodiversity conservation: encouraging community action inside and outside of protected areas – A Case study of Nam Et-Phou Louey National Protected Area in Laos”

Vietnam: “Water Allocation in the Cai River Basin – Vietnam Using Water Accounting Plus”

Chile: “Feasibility of a Collaborative Management for the Protected Area Salar del Huasco”

Kenya: “The value of restoring upstream ecosystem services in the Thiba watershed: a contingent valuation approach”

Brazil: “Policy Analysis for Source Water Protection in Rio de Janeiro State: Assessing Institutions and Strategies”

Brazil: “Transfer of policies to foster energy storage deployment: The case of concentrated solar power in Brazil”

India: “Assessing the Applicability of Energy Recovery Technologies for Urban Wastewater Treatment in India”

Vietnam: “Urban Agriculture and Urban Planning in Hoi An – Vietnam”

Nepal: “Post-disaster recovery in Nepal – a study and analysis of Reconstruction Approaches vs. People’s Demand”

Indonesia: “Evaluation of Mangrove Restoration Measures and Coping Mechanisms of Communities for Coastal Disaster Risk Reduction in Sayung, Central Java, Indonesia”

Jordan: “Evaluating Urban Systems Resilience of Temporary Settlements: Case Study on Za’atari Refugee Camp in Jordan”

Brazil: “Constraints and potentials of smallholder dairy farming systems for sustainable milk production, trough a perspective of animal health and welfare, in Italva Municipality, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil”

Brazil: “Connectivity Conservation Management: Linking Natural Heritage Private Reserves (RPPNs) in the Northwestern and Serrana Region of Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil”

Germany: “Untersuchungen zur Vergleichbarkeit unterschiedlicher Kolmationsmessmethoden durch Anwendung von Korngrößwnanalyse und Resuspensionsmethode”

Mexico: “Five models of housing in San Luis Potosí – An inductive study about the Founding Event in Mexican slums”

Germany:”Evaluation of Smart City Concepts: Case study Cologne”

Brazil: “Paying Farmers for Biodiversity Conservation: A Pre-Feasibility Srudy for the Development of a Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) Scheme in the Serrana Region, RJ, Brazil”

Indonesia: “Agroforestry-based Livelihoods and Nutrition Security in Smallholder Households in West Java, Indonesia”

Myanmar: “Opportunities and Challenges to the Organic Transition of Myanmar Agriculture – a case study of Peri-urban Farms around Yangon”

Germany: “Nachhaltiges Bauen weltweit – Eine Adaption von Zertifizierungskriterien in unterschiedlichen Klimazonen“

Cameroon: “Decentralized Cost-Optimized Systems to take up the Slack in Electrification of Households: the Case of Cameroon”

Bolivia: “Vulnerability Analysis with Regard to Food Security in the Region Tacana along the Beni River in Bolivia”

Germany: “Zu Fuß und mit dem Rad durch die Stadt – Ökologische, Ökonomische und soziale Auswirkungen einer Umkehr des Kulturmodells der automobilen Massenmotorisierung”

Germany: “Comparison of stratospheric temperature trends observed from satellite measurements (AIRS, IASI) and meteorological data”

Venezuela: “Venezuelan Comunas and Consejos Comunales as New Actors in Urban and Rural Management”

Brazil: “Value Chain Analysis for Decision-Making on the Mountain and Northwest Rural Region of the State Rio de Janeiro, Brazil”

Germany: “Defining Urban Sustainability & Success: High Potentials, Quality of Life, and Mobility in Current Urban Paradigms”

Brazil: “Forest Monitoring with Drones: Application Strategies for Protected Riverine Forest Ecosystems in the Atlantic Forest of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil”

Indonesia: “Ecotourism as a Strategy for Sustainable Regional Development”

Indonesia: “Potential of Tourism for Sustainable Local Development in Kuwaru Beach, Java, Indonesia”

“Companies as actors in voluntary carbon markets – their motivations, expectations and approaches”

Vietnam: ” Valuation of mangrove forests with respect to fishery resources in Bac Lieu Province, Vietnam”

Mexico: “Certification as a Tool to Ensure Environmental Sustainability in Fishery – The Case of Grupo Pando Sardine Fishery in Mexico”

Indonesia: “Pre-assessment of environmental impacts of seaweed mariculture and management practices of a farm community in Karimunjawa island, Indonesia”

Vietnam: “On the Road to an Eco-Future: Planning & Design Recommendations for Urban Spatial Development”

Vietnam: “Climate Change Risk Perceptions and Adaptation Strategies in Central Vietnam”

Vietnam: ” Opportunities of REDD+, Focusing on the trade-offs with local communities in Quang Nam, Vietnam”

Myanmar: “Analysis of Forest Users Benefits of Community Forest Contributing to Long-Term Forest Protection and Rehabilitation (Case Study In Inle Watershed, Myanmar)”

Kenya: “Land degredation in the arid and semi-arid areas of Mutomo, Kitui County, Kenya: Impact analysis on land’s carrying capacity and Providion of ecosystem Services”

Nicaragua:”Development of a prioritization tool for climate change adaptation measures in the forestry sector in Nicaragua”

Colombia: “Carbon Footprint calculation as strategic tool for urban climate change mitigation – Case Study: Bucaramanga, Colombia”

Ecuador, “Analysis of Deforestation in El Choco Region – A Feasibility Study for REDD+ Implementation in ‘The Rio Canande Reserve’”

Nigeria: “Qualifying Skilled Workers for the Building Sector through Tvet: A Case Study of Ondo Local District Nigeria”

Ecuador: “Community Based Disaster Risk Management for Prevention and Preparedness in the Case of Banos, Ecuador”

Nepal: “Earthquake Risk Preparedness in Kathmandu City, Nepal”

Nigeria: “Qualifying Skilled Workers for the Building Sector through Tvet: A Case Study of Ondo Local District Nigeria”

Venezuela: “Stakeholder´s Participation in Integrated Solid Waste Management System”

Germany: “Development of a Sustainable Indicator set for the Urban Transport Sector”

Indonesia, “Risk Perception in Disaster Management: Reselltement in the Case of Merapi, Indonesia”

Mexico: “The Role of Social Capital for Sustainability in Collective Housing: Case Study ‘Vecindades’ in Mexico City”

Brazil: “Self-Determined Participatory Action of Marginalized Groups: The Streets of Sao Paulo”

Indonesia: “Algometric Equations for C Estimations in a Mangrove Forest. Case Study: Karimunjawa National Park, Indonesia”

Germany: “Evaluation of Forest Fragmentation and Land Use Change Patterns Using Remote Sensing Techniques and Field Methods”

Brazil: “Communities ‘Perceptions of Biodiversity in the Atlantic Forest of Rio de Janeiro – Brazil”

Nepal: “Characterization of Residential Building Stock and Related Potential of Energy Efficiency in Nepal”

Philippines: “Assessment of a Solid Waste Management System: social impacts on former waste pickers / Case study San Carlos City, Philippines”

Indonesia: “Community-led Upgrading as Social Production of Habitat, Case Study of Surabaya Riverside Communities (PWS) in Indonesia“

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